Star Shoutout™ is changing the way Stars engage with Charity and the way Fans engage with Stars & Charity worldwide.  Star Shoutout™ connects Stars with their fan base and offers unique personal shoutouts via the Star Shoutout™ app.  Money raised from this service goes to help charitable needs around the world.

Once you checkout you will see multiple credit card options

Star Shoutout™ only acts as a gateway to Feeding America, once you donate the money goes directly to the charity.  minus a small transaction fee charged by a 3rd party merchant. 

There is no need to create an account to browse but once you donate you will require an account so the StarShoutout™ can be delivered to you.

Currently Star Shoutout™ is a referral only program and is restricted to Stars with a minimum of 1 million followers.  If you would like to participate contact us by leaving a message on one of our social platforms

Star Shoutout operates under strict confidentiality on behalf of the fan and the star.  CLICK HERE to view our Privacy Policy

No, your donation goes directly to the charity and is not considered a purchase.

Given the busy nature of Stars in their field, we understand they have busy schedules so allow them 2 weeks to deliver your Star Shoutout™.  Most likely you will receive it much sooner than that.

Yes, however keep your request general, G rated and friendly.  Simple requests like ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Anniversaries’, words of encouragement etc are perfect.   However a star reserves the right to refuse vulgar or any content deemed as inappropriate as well as political messages.

You will get to customize your experience on checkout. 

When you checkout you can place the name the gift is for and also show who its from.

The Star Shoutout™ will be delivered to the designated email address or text message

Yes, it will be easy to download.  It will also be stored for future download should you accidentally lose it.  The copyright of the video remains with Star Shoutout™ and you have a license to use the video for personal reason only

Yes, you are encouraged to do so on any social platform.

The star’s contact information at Star Shoutout™ is strictly confidential.  If you would like another Star Shoutout™ all you have to do is make another donation to the respective charity that the star is representing.

Yes, if your organization is non commercial (eg a soccer team, Girl Scout troop etc etc) you can request a Star Shoutout™ under the personal agreement. 

If you want the Star to mention your business, you may request it in a simple form, eg, “Congratulations on your opening day”  The Star will not endorse or represent your business.  At this stage there is no commercial application for Star Shoutouts™.  This also means no Star Shoutout™ may be used or manipulated for commercial applications.

Yes, you should email us at [email protected], submit any star request you like, if the Star meets Star Shoutout™ influencer qualifications we will reach out to the Star and send them an invite to join the Star Shoutout™ team.

Currently we are only supporting the one charity.  In the future Star Shoutout™ will provide a way to split donations with multiple charitable organizations.

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible

Thank you

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