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…Star Shoutout, the ultimate in personal fan engagement, the new era of signatures for fans to collect and show off.

2009 – Meet and Greet at Sony Studios

in 2009, we were on a business trip to see Mr Danny Glover and he invited us to visit with him at Sony Studios on the set of “Death of  Funeral” (USA remake) starring Martin Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, Kevin Hart, Zoe Saldana, James Marsden, Chris Rock and many others. 

Although its very unusual and because we were personal guest of Danny Glover, we hung out with him on set for the day and shared lunch with the cast.

While I was conversing with Mr Danny Glover over lunch I received a call from my friend paul that went something like this…

(David) “Hey Paul, whats going on?”

(Paul) “Oh nothin much…what are you doin’?”

(David) “Oh you know, just sitting around having lunch with Danny Glover!!”

2009 – The first Star Shoutout


(David) “No man we are sitting here with Danny Glover!!”

(Paul) “Yeah right…”

I pointed my phone and said to Danny, “Hey can you record something for my friend Paul, he doesn’t believe I’m with you”

Danny records this private video shoutout message to paul. (See video)

A delighted Paul posts this video to his Facebook page.  Two years later Paul tells me ..”You know to this day this video have given me the most cred with the ladies ever”

This gave birth to an idea, Shoutouts from Stars to their fans – its the ultimate in personal fan engagement, the new era of signatures for fans to collect and show off. We had to wait a few years for the technology to catch up!

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