Star Shoutout

About Us

Welcome to Star Shoutout, the first platform that brings together social influence, super fans, and charity. Our mission is to provide a better experience for both celebrities (we call them “Stars”) and their dedicated fans (you). We believe that traditional social media has failed to deliver meaningful personal engagement between Stars and fans, often prioritizing volume over quality.

At Star Shoutout, we flip the value proposition by creating a platform that truly serves the needs of both parties. As a Star, you can connect with your fans in a private, safe environment, and as a fan, you can get closer to your celebrities through personalized experiences. Additionally, our platform is committed to making a positive impact on the world, with up to 5% of our platform fees being donated to charities and causes chosen by our Stars.

Whether you are a well-known athlete, musician, Youtuber, podcaster, business leader, or celebrity with a following, we invite you to join our “Star Cast” and share your talent with your fans. And if you are a fan, don’t miss the opportunity to get a personal shoutout from your favorite Star. Join us at Star Shoutout and be part of a community that values genuine connection and meaningful engagement.