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We believe your unique talents, experience, and history make you an ideal fit for creating paid personalized video shoutouts on the Star Shoutout platform.

What is Star Shoutout?

Star Shoutout is a personal video engagement platform for qualified stars, influencers, and fans worldwide. Record, post, manage and share, paid personalized fan experiences with millions of followers.

How it Works

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Why Become A Star On Star Shoutout?

Earn money by creating memorable experiences for your fans in just a few minutes. Not only will you increase your brand`s visibility, you`ll also have the opportunity to support causes that are important to you. All while raising funding and awareness for these causes.

Top 5 Reasons to Join:

1. Great flexible income.

2. You set your shoutout price.

3. Fundraise for your favorite Charity.

4. We take care of everything for you.

5. We bring buyers to your profile page.

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Time is Your Most Valuable Commodity

As a star on our platform, you can record a personalized video Star Shoutout for your fans in just one minute using our exclusive SSO Studio mobile app for android or iOS.

Knowing your Time Value Equivalent (TVE) helps you set the price of your Star Shoutouts based on the value you place on your time.

Our TVE formula is easy to use: just divide your annual income by the number of minutes you work in a year (assuming an 8-hour workday, 5 days a week). This will give you the value of each minute of your time.

TVE Examples

Your Annual Income$1,800,000
YOUR TVE = $20
Your Annual Income$2,500,000
YOUR TVE = $28
Your Annual Income$5,000,000
YOUR TVE = $56
Your Annual Income$8,500,000
YOUR TVE = $94
Your Annual Income$15,000,000
YOUR TVE = $167
Your Annual Income$20,000,000
YOUR TVE = $222
Your Annual Income$50,000,000
YOUR TVE = $556
Your Annual Income$150,000,000
YOUR TVE = $1,667

Our TVE Calculator is great for setting your Star Shoutout price and our inclusive platform fee is already factored into the value, so the TVE is based on your NET earnings.

Use our simple TVE Calculator below to set your SSO price!

TVE is calculated by taking annual income and breaking it down weekly(52),
daily(5), hourly(8), to calculate per minute rate after Star Shoutout platform fees.

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